Have questions about rebinding or creating your customized leather book? Take a look at our frequently asked questions, and if it's not answered here, then reach out!

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Can you repair/rebind this?

Probably! Our online rebinding customizer will walk you through the process. If you have special concerns or lots of repairs that are needed, send us a picture via email and we can better determine what we can do.

How soon can we receive our product?

We try to work with your deadlines when we know them and understand if you have found us at the last minute. Our standard processing time is 15 days, plus standard shipping times.

Can you do different colors of leather binding?

We only offer the color options on the personal size bibles. We have found that most of the images work best against the natural colors of the leather and don't show up as well with most other colors. Many just want text on the rebind orders or a simple cross, so we offer a few colors that we have had good results with for those cases. We do offer hand-painting and tinting as an option on all our products, if you're providing a color photo or design for us to work from.

Can this picture work on leather?

Best question! Generally, if images are 300 DPI at 8x 10 inches, or at least 2000 pixels at their widest direction, we can work with it. If you have concerns, send us the picture via email and we will let you know if it is good enough resolution for us to work with.

I would like to give a special bible that is not on your list. Can you do this type of Bible....

Yes, we treat other Bibles as a Rebind feature and have you purchase the Bible you want to use and have it sent directly(in most cases) to us. Just go through our "Rebind" process and then send or have the bible of your choice sent to us.