Sonshine Leather is the heart-owned business of Angela and Nolan Hughey, based in New Braunfels, TX.

Their story is a lot of stories put together, and one that demonstrates care for cherished books and bibles over the span of many decades. As a child, Angela treasured her Bible and tried to piece it back together when the pages became torn--she even typed new text on the typewriter to replace missing pages. She met Nolan in her youth group, and he had become well known at church for his little leather shop above his parent's Christian coffee house/bookstore. His specialty was rebinding bibles in hand-tooled leather. Angela wanted one so bad, she tried to make her own. It didn’t end up quite right and Nolan was kind enough to help with the finishing touches. Many stories and some 30+ years later they met up again, fell in love, and the dream of recreating Sonshine Leather emerged. Their mission statement became “preserving the written word for the generations to come."

Amidst a "throw-away" society, Sonshine Leather believes in the importance of preserving things that have spiritual and personal meanings. We believe in treasuring those belongings by encasing them in beautiful designs and symbols that do their contents justice.

We feel privileged to be a part of so many special occasions by preserving vows, places and dates, memories, Bibles of loved ones gone ahead, graduations and confirmations and on and on. We hold tremendous satisfaction in making one-of-a-kind gifts that reflect the love between both the giver and the receiver. We are so humbled to have such a special mission.

  • Nolan and Angela watching the solar eclipse in Oregon. After Sonshine Leather re-emerged in 2010, for a few years Nolan and Angela traveled the country and ran the studio out of their camper.

  • Nolan in his youth, with one of his creations. Sonshine Leather's expertise has been honed and fine-tuned through lots of experimenting with different products since 1976.

  • An early commission for Gene Autry in 1977 from the first iteration of Sonshine Leather.